Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is a program that equips lay persons to provide distinctively Christian one-to-one care to those who are experiencing life needs and circumstances. Our current Stephen Ministers are: Kathy Benton, Steve Benton, Julie Gloor, Leah Iglehart, Debbie Krauss, Amanda Lauth, Carole Poleski, Kathi Rito, Lea Schelke, Dave Smiley, Bud Uday, and Vicki Uday.

One-to-One Care Stephen Ministers are members of our congregation who are trained to walk alongside others who need Christian help. They provide an on-going and dependable source of comfort and encouragement through times of stress, change, pain, grief and brokenness; or anytime when you need someone to listen, to care, to pray, and to support. Stephen Ministers and Leaders are trained to keep all concerns confidential.

For more information please contact Stephen Leaders: Kathi Rito (734) 250-4027 or OR Julie Gloor (414) 616-8968 or OR speak with any church staff member.