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Children’s Nurture uses a rotational model for our Sunday School curriculum.  In a rotational setting, the same Bible story is taught for several weeks. Each week, learners hear the story and encounter it in different ways or stations.  These include games, art, video, technology, science, and dramatic creations. The more different ways children explore a story or concept, the more it is reinforced in their memories. The variety of experiences keeps children’s interest high throughout the unit. For more about our children’s programs, click here.
Youth Nurture at GIPC is for sixth through twelfth graders and is open and welcoming to all students. We seek to foster an environment in which commitment to each other, the golden rule, mutual respect, care and inclusiveness are central to the experience of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the joy of our faith.There are so many ways that we live out this mission – Sunday morning Ed Hour, Wednesday Night youth group (called WIRED!), fun fellowship events throughout the year (lock ins, ski trips, outdoor movie nights, etc.), and summer mission trips. For more about our youth program, click here. To keep up to date on what is happening with the youth at GIPC, please sign up for our youth email list here. You will receive an email about youth ministry at GIPC once or twice a month.
GIPC’s Adult Nurture offerings engage our adult church family in conversation, debate, prayer and understanding in the areas of biblical study, theology, spiritual development, current events and social issues. We do not shy away from controversial issues, but rather seek to find ways to peacefully and respectfully hear the many sides of an issue. Where agreement cannot be achieved, we attempt to understand and respect differing opinions. All adults are welcome. Most classes are free of charge and scholarships are available when there is a cost included, so all may participate, regardless of financial situation. Click here for information about our current offerings.
The mission of York Connection is to care for and nurture older adults.  We do this through programming specifically designed to meet the physical, social, and intellectual interests of older adults. Although older adults are at the center of York Connection activities, friends of all ages are welcome to join us, including friends from the wider community. Want to know more? Click here.
JULIETs (Just Us Ladies Interested in Events Together) is an offshoot of York Connection.  The planned activities are open to women only, but gentlemen are sometimes invited for special occasions. Recent JULIETs events include a visit to Open Book Theatre in Trenton, a bus trip to the DIA, and a Picnic on the River at the home of Sue and Matt Hurst.  The JULIETs steering committee usually has a six-month calendar of tempting activities. For more information about JULIETs, contact Sue Hurst,
Wednesday Night Dinner is a popular activity here at GIPC. Most Wednesdays during the program year, a dinner is held for members and visitors prior to our Wednesday night programming.  We aim to provide a filling, complete meal that models good nutrition at a reasonable price. Our goal is to provide a welcoming, laid back atmosphere in which all ages of our church family can gather and share in fellowship. For upcoming dates and menus, check the GIPC Calendar.
Stephen Ministry is a program that equips lay people to provide distinctively Christian one-to-one care to those who are experiencing life needs and circumstances. Stephen Ministers are members of our congregation who are trained to walk alongside others who need Christian help. Click here for more information.
Our Bottoms Up diaper ministry continues to be one of our most dynamic missions. We bundle in Fellowship Hall on the third Monday of the month. There’s always room for more bundlers, so please join us. Maybe you’ll bundle our one millionth diaper! Click here for more information.
Each individual grieves in his or her own way. Every loss is different in some way, but grief often shares common characteristics of leaving people feeling isolated by feelings of sadness and loss. Through Grief Ministry and support groups, individuals can find validation and feel like they are not alone. Contact our pastor, for grief support.
Bible and Beers is a small group that meets once a month to talk about the word of God while sharing their favorite brews. Each time we meet, we will get to sample different beers that our friends have brought and then read Scripture and discuss how the readings connect to our lives and pose questions that the Scripture will inevitably bring up. We would love to see you! (21 and up only) Contact Grace Morton, Associate for Christian Nurture, for more information (phone: 734-676-8811; email:
Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. Eastern, in our sanctuary or on YouTube, Recordings of our service are also posted on Facebook,