Grosse Ile Presbyterian Church
Monday, August 15, 2022
7925 Horsemill Road
Grosse Ile, MI 48138
As followers of Jesus Christ, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the members of Grosse Ile Presbyterian Church are servants of God. Our aim is to be a congregation that listens to God and seeks to discern God's will, so that we may become dedicated and grateful disciples, sharing ourselves and our resources. We endeavor to witness with biblical preaching and teaching, caring for each other, and serving our community and the wider world.


Friends in Christ,

Welcome! Do you wonder what the web has to do with the Bible?

Written on parchment and delivered by courier, by the end of the first century the earliest Christian communities were sharing their gospels and letters. That’s how whole portions of the New Testament came to be.

At the beginning of the 21st century, congregations are doing a similar thing, only now we do it at the speed of light. Welcome to Grosse Ile Presbyterian Church’s web page, welcome at light speed.

Yet while technology has changed, the message remains. The Gospel invites into sacred community those whom God is calling:

  • Those seeking shelter from the storm,
  • Those in search of spiritual and intellectual nourishment,
  • Those whom God is transforming into agents for justice and compassion,
  • Those who simply must worship each Lord’s Day because God’s praise is written in their very bones.

In these web pages you will discover a vibrant Christian community.

  • Our worship and music are historic and alive.
  • Our education offerings are broad and true.
  • Our youth ministries nudge young people into more imaginative life purposes.
  • Our giving to the larger church’s mission – time and money – is a testament to the Christian conviction that we are here to serve a grander cause.

At GIPC, truly we strive to be a congregation in which the Word is preached and the Sacraments are rightly administered.

If you are already a part of us, we are glad you’re here. If you are wondering if God is calling you to be a part of us, we are glad you have stopped by.

See you on Sunday?